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Fellow companies within our industry think we're NUTS offering our Guarantee.  Most have a pessimistic view of their Client base; believing false claims would be common.

Todd feels that if service isn't up to the CLIENTS standards, we're simply wrong.  Also, that the acceptable standard of 99.9% of our Clients, is far below what we demand as a Company.  

Our Clients want the basics done amazing.  If as a company we can't show up on time, get our Clients to their destination on time, or simply drop the ball in some other way, we don't expect to be paid.  If we'd done it correctly, there wouldn't be an issue.

While we understand that 100% perfect is a lofty goal, we embrace it.  We have FULL FAITH in our Clients, and anything less than satisfied is unacceptable.

Our Guarantee

​It's simple really.  If we don't do our job to your standards, it's free.  


  • if you made your request clear that you wanted an SUV, and a Sedan arrives, FREE.
  • We show up late, FREE.
  • We take a wrong turn, causing you to be late, FREE.