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​​Luxury Mercedes Sprinter Van - Starting @ $1129 + Tip/Fees

Our Luxury Mercedes Sprinter Van offers room for 14 adults and is ideal for large groups, or families.  The Overhead TV, table which seats 4  and extra legroom is always a huge hit.

Luxury Sedan - Starting @ $729 + Tip/Fees

​Leave your rental car at home and let us do the driving.

Our luxury sedans have HUGE rear seating so you can stretch out and relax.  Essential on long tours.  Even if you, or someone in your family is over 6'2", they'll have room to spare.

You'll also love that the interior is quiet, and your Guide is close.  Our sedans are perfect for conversation, and our Guides LOVE to share their extensive knowledge of Arizona.

Luxury Transit Van - Starting @ $929 + Tip/Fees

Our Luxury Van offers room for 8 adults and is ideal for those longer trips.  The Overhead TV and extra legroom is always a huge hit.

Are you looking to visit a place few see in their lifetime?  Well, you need to add Monument Valley to your Bucket-list.

Yes, without a doubt, Monument Valley is a bit of a drive, which actually adds to the experience.  If it was easy to get to, everyone would do it.

​How remote is Monument Valley?

5 hours from Phoenix

6 hours from Las Vegas

​5.5 hours from Albuquerque

Monument Valley One-day Tour

COMFORT - You will be comfortable.  Well, as comfortable as humanly possible on a long tour...lol.  The idea of you, and your family crammed into a shuttle for 11 hours (round trip) gave us nightmares..lol.

Because we keep everything 100% private, we stop when you want to stop, stretch when you want to stretch, and flex your schedule when it needs to be flexed.

​Our tour is 100% about you, and seeing that you have an amazing time.

TOUR - You'll leave the Phoenix area at 7AM. 

Traveling North up Interstate 17, you'll watch as the desert is left behind, and for ponderosa pine trees begin to dominate the landscape.  Yes, Arizona has a TON of trees, grass meadows and mountains.  Quick Fact:  Nearly 1/3 of our State is National Forest.

Passing through Flagstaff, Arizona' third largest city, we enter the Navajo Nation Indian Reservation.  The landscape once again dramatically changes.  This time pine trees, to miles of red sandstone.  Only a few select plants can tolerate this dry climate, and tumbleweed dominate the high desert.

The Navajo Nation is also home to the Painted Desert, and you'll be driving through the heart of it.  Mounds of layered colored sand in every direction for as far as you can see.

Monument Valley Tour

​Luxury SUV - Starting @ $829 + Tip/Fees

Our Luxury SUV's are immaculate and have that "straight off the showroom floor" feel.  Seating 6, it's a great option for smaller groups.

The Tour - Yes, One Day!

Make Your Reservation

We've done our best to make the reservation process quick and easy.

Todd, the Owner, handles all Tour reservations personally.  Simply let our staff know you're looking to book a Tour, and after they gather a little information, Todd will call you personally.

Todd's wants to maximize your day, so he takes a personal interest in your experience.  No one knows the Arizona Tours better than Todd, and he wants to pass his experience onto each and every guest.

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Monument Valley Tour
Monument Valley Tour
Monument Valley Tour