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Credit Card:

Booking Online - If you book your ride online, you'll be asked to enter a credit card.  Your card is not charged at this time; it simply holds your reservation.  After your ride is completed your Driver will ask if you'd like to keep it on the card entered at the time of your reservation.  You can either use that credit card, or provide your driver an alternate credit card.  Our Drivers use Square, which runs on their smartphone.  The process takes less than a minute.

Offering flexible payment options is a HUGE priority for our company.  We understand today multiple options are available, and one option doesn't always fit every Clients needs.

For these reasons we take most major Credit Cards, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

​We also recently brought on a rewards system that allows you to earn free trips.


You may also use Paypal.  Just before your ride concludes, your Driver will provide you with our company email (todd.mittness@gmail.com), and the total amount for the ride.  We ask that you transfer the money quickly, so t has time to appear on the Driver's screen as completed.


A Gratuity, or Tip ARE NOT included in your fare amount.  While your Driver would be pleased with any amount, the industry standard is 20%.