Pick Your Vehicle
You can't go wrong with either option.  

499 + Tip - Our Luxury SUV's are immaculate and have that "straight off the showroom floor" feel.  Seating 6, it's a great option for smaller groups.  

$599 + Tip - Our Luxury Van offers room for 8 adults and is ideal for those longer trips.  The Overhead TV and extra legroom is always a huge hit.

NOT INCLUDED:  Driver Tip, Meals and Park Entry Fees (if applicable).

Premium Van Seats 8 - 4 Leather Captain Chairs

Rear Couch - TV - Plush Seating

Sedona Tours
Let us take you on a trek through Sedona's Red Rock Country.  Arizona's most photographed town.

Approx. 2 hours North of Scottsdale, Sedona is one of the MUST SEE areas of Arizona.

Your in charge.

Our Tours are PRIVATE and focused on family and small groups.

Make Your Reservation

Because there are so many options, we ask that you call.  We'll help you put together the perfect tour, so you maximize your day.

If you happen to get our voicemail PLEASE leave a message.  Most likely we're helping other Clients create their perfect tour.

​CALL (480) 256-8268

NEW - Just Added - Devils Bridge, Sedona

We'll get you to the trailhead up a 4x4 only dirt road, the .7 mile hike is left to you.

Footwear suitable for hiking up dirt trails is required.  You should also be in shape to hike up semi-steep paths.

If you're afraid of heights, don't add this option.

Pick Your Options
Our Basic Tour is amazing in itself, but we wanted our guests to have the ability to "Fine Tune" their Sedona adventure.
Maybe you'd like to visit Sedona's Slide Rock State Park and spend the day creekside? Visit The Chapel of the Holy Cross, or have a relaxing day in Sedona shopping.  Adventurous?  Explore 1000-year-old Sinaqua Indian ruins at Montezuma castle, Montezuma's Well and Tuzigoot.  You're in control.

INCLUDED - An amazing Vehicle, Driver and Day.  Entry fees and food are the responsibility of the Guests.

Montezuma Castle National Monument

(Optional Stop)

Luxury SUV Seats 6 Comfortably - Center Captain Chairs

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Sedona, AZ

(480) 256-8268