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Senior Travel

Our vehicles allow us to escape the "everyday" and keep life interesting.  For many of us, even a short time without our transportation is stressful.

Our Clients get to know us, and our vehicles.  Quickly it becomes more than just a ride.  Our Clients become friends, and are treated like family.  If we wouldn't feel comfortable with our parents doing something, we're going to make suggestions on how the trip might be changed, without sacrificing any expectations.

"My mother doesn't drive, and until I met Todd, I had to drive to her apartment every weekend.  I now call Todd, and he makes sure she arrives safely to our home."  - Pat

In a moments notice, we're there to take care of the driving.

Are you the primary caregiver for your parents?

Simply BOOK an appointment with the address of where we're picking up, and we'll handle the rest.  Need us to go upstairs and help carry a few things down?  No problem at all.  We're happy to help out any way we can.

It gives us GREAT PRIDE knowing that we're helping bring families together.